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Teaching Teachers 

I know many teachers dismiss those of us in higher education as “out of touch”. Those of us who left the K-12 classroom to teach teachers seem to lose credibility quickly.  However, the logic of this view would mean that … Continue reading

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Standards-based vs. Standardized

I was an early adopter of standard-based grading. As far as I know, I was the only secondary teacher in my district using an SBG approach when I started. This led to many conversations with my colleagues, administration, and parents. … Continue reading

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Paradigmatic Problems

Thomas Kuhn’s book, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” and his notion of paradigm shifts has had far reaching applications. For example, in my own field of science education the ways in which scientists become dissatisfied with old paradigms and adopt … Continue reading

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What we say we want…

So, I was reading the first few chapters of Matthew (from the Bible) and I was struck by how the environment of the Christmas story is not very ideal for Jesus’ birth and first few years. Mary and Joseph are … Continue reading

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Breaking Patterns

So, I haven’t written anything here since mid-march.  I suspect that was spring break.  If I look at my posts over time, I notice that I tend to write more here during breaks from my “day job”.  Breaks are important, … Continue reading

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If I’m being honest…

Sometimes, I wish my research articles were more highly read and cited, that my blog had more subscribers, and that I had more opportunities to do keynotes. Then I remember why I went into this field, and I return my focus on … Continue reading

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Abstract knowledge transfers, experiences don’t.

Below is a paragraph I am working on for an upcoming article. I’m not yet sure I like it. I feel there might be a logic issue. Any comments appreciated.  Bell et al. (2016) call for, “The potential associations between … Continue reading

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