The ideas in this blog are meant to spark thinking about issues in education. The ideas, although influenced by others, are mine and do not necessarily reflect any institution to which I am associated.  By no means do I intend the ideas I write here to be in final form.  I am attempting to contribute to a discussion – a discussion that must continue if we are to improve our teaching and our schools.  I truly believe that anyone who thinks they have THE answers will never improve and will only help those students who fit into their particular mold of what a student “should” be.  We must continually develop our understanding of teaching and learning in light of what can be viewed as a developing consensus from educational research.  Our goal should not be a “magic-bullet” to fix all, rather we should seek a more developed set of guiding principles to inform the thousands of decisions educators make everyday within the act of teaching. Having well developed guiding principles based on research into teaching and learning will better serve all educators. By working to understand teaching/learning, we can be prepared for any change we come across: curricular, technological, student.


***The views you find on this site, or any other locale (including where I leave comments) are mine alone.  The views I express do not represent the views of my employer, or any other organization to which I belong. Feel free to use any of my ideas, but please give credit or at least a link.


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