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Maintaining the Status Quo

Andrew Feenberg’s critical theory of technology posits that technical structures constructed under a previous system, when inherited by a new system will likely result in the re-establishment of the old system.  For example, in a socialist revolution, if the technical … Continue reading

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Trying to Make Educational Technology Applicable

In past versions of my educational technology course, I’ve had students complete “tech projects” in which they learn about specific technologies and discuss ways they would use the technologies (or preferably have students use the technology) in their classroom.  This … Continue reading

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Teaching Responsibility

I’ve been using standards-based grading in my courses for several semesters and run into a recurring issue regarding student responsibility. While many SBGers use weekly quizzes to determine student proficiency, I’ve opted to have students demonstrate proficiency via projects/papers (some … Continue reading

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More than Standards

So I’m working on a research project in which I compare two groups of students understanding of the “nature of science” (how science works, philosophy of science, etc) (NOS for short). The difference between the two groups was the level … Continue reading

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How we should use Khan Academy

Khan Academy is not going away.  So, how could we make use of Khan Academy? 1) As a textbook.  After students have had experiences and discussed ideas in class, I often gave students reading assignments out of textbooks (notice the … Continue reading

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What should we flip?

My last post had some criticism of the flipped classroom.  David Cox, Frank Noschese and I were discussing the nuances on twitter and each had an important insight.  David noted that the better flip described in my example lesson is … Continue reading

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SBG with a twist.

Ok, I need some feedback to see if I’m missing something obvious. Below is a quick summary of my assessment plans for university education courses next semester. While I would love to not give grades, that is not yet an … Continue reading

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Assess the teacher, not the students

*Disclaimer: 1) I know this is a touchy subject, I’m only trying to add to the dialogue. 2) I proofread with my son in the room, so was distracted, but wanted to get this “out there”. :) There has obviously … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Assignments

I am considering how to make my assessment of student learning more authentic, accurate and transparent.  Last semester I tried having students grade themselves which was at first not very well received by students.  Yet, in the end, students seemed … Continue reading

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Grading – shift toward understanding

I tried a new approach to grading this year.  In an ideal environment, grading would look very different from traditional school, or not exist at all.  However, the pragmatist I am, I thought about how I might work within the … Continue reading

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