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Changing the world. 

Looking ahead is hard. I think most of us recognize that our teaching can always be better, but figuring out how to build that future for ourselves and our students is daunting. First, change requires us to be critical of … Continue reading

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4 Changes to Schooling without Capitalism

My main research area has morphed into thinking about how the philosophy of technology might be taught in schools. However, I often think about how philosophy of technology ideas might apply to schooling as a technological system. One of the … Continue reading

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Learning from Legos

I just finished watching the Lego “Brickumentary” on Netflix. It’s interesting how this simple toy has maintained its status over generations. Very little has changed. The first generation of bricks can be used with the newest generation of bricks. Yet, … Continue reading

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Teaching is Design: End User

Once we know the outcomes of our design, we need to consider for whom we design? The best designed products clearly considered the end user in the design process. When a product is designed for the end user, the user … Continue reading

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Maintaining the Status Quo

Andrew Feenberg’s critical theory of technology posits that technical structures constructed under a previous system, when inherited by a new system will likely result in the re-establishment of the old system.  For example, in a socialist revolution, if the technical … Continue reading

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Looking Deeper at Dan Meyer’s 3 Acts

I’ve been following Dan Meyer’s process with his 3 acts for quite a while.  I greatly appreciate the public nature in which he develops ideas and there is a reason he has so many followers: his ideas are worth paying … Continue reading

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Technology Changes School, but how? (part 3)

The notion that technology uses us can be unsettling.  Yet, preservice teachers must be aware that technologies do make some decisions for them.  For example, if we expand our view of technology beyond modern electronics, the daily school schedule is … Continue reading

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Teachers’ Beliefs and Technology

Teachers’ beliefs have always played an important role in classrooms (Fang, 1996; Haney et al., 1996; Nespor, 1987). Chen (2006, p. v) confirms this trend related to educational technology implementation: Teachers with more constructivist beliefs made efforts to allocate time … Continue reading

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Technology Gives and Takes Away

Postman (1995, p 41) notes: [Technologies] are Faustian bargains, giving and taking away, sometimes in equal measure, sometimes more in one way than the other.  It is strange—indeed, shocking—that with the twenty-first century so close on our heels, we can … Continue reading

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Technology’s Deep Impact

Technology’s impact on culture is clear as human historical eras are identified by their dominant technologies (NAE, 2009). Postman (1992, p. 19) summarizes the deep impact technology may have on human beings: We need to know in what ways [the … Continue reading

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