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4 Ways I Use Chalk/White Boards

I love chalk boards. I never have to worry about whether the lines are dark enough or if any given piece of chalk will be dried out. Chalk just works. Unfortunately, whiteboards replaced chalkboards in most classrooms long ago and … Continue reading

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Technology does not make me a better teacher.

I have always been curious about technology in education. Despite what I would call a fairly useless technology class in my preservice education, I tried incorporating technology whenever I could in my teaching. One of my first uses of online … Continue reading

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3 reasons I use technology every time I teach

I recently co-taught a graduate course for inservice teachers. One of the modules I was leading was about educational technology. So, given the limited time (about 4 instructional hours), I had to do some hard thinking about what I wanted … Continue reading

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Critical of ALL Technology

I know I come off harsh on technology.  I consider myself to be an early experimenter with technology in education. I had my students use twitter in class before they knew what twitter was (that was in 2007). While I am … Continue reading

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Is educational technology morally bankrupt?

Like with all things, the answer is probably yes and no. This question came up while I was reading Nichols & Allen-Brown’s 1996 chapter bringing critical theory to bear on educational technology. Some ways I think educational technology is suspect: … Continue reading

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Educational Technology

Every year I teach Educational Technology I feel myself pulled by several goals.  I want students to develop practical skills for using technology in their classrooms, but I also want them to develop a critical eye toward technology.  This tension … Continue reading

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Critical Curiosity

While teaching my summer ed tech course today, some of my students were too quickly going to the “what’s wrong with this picture” line of thinking. (I know, you’re surprised that my students have that attitude) Then, after taking some … Continue reading

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