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Science, creativity, & literature

The nature of science is often misrepresented as dull, straightforward, & overly empirical. Such a view misses important aspects of creativity & intuition in science. Below is an abstract to a recent paper where the author uses insights from Edgar … Continue reading

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More than Standards

So I’m working on a research project in which I compare two groups of students understanding of the “nature of science” (how science works, philosophy of science, etc) (NOS for short). The difference between the two groups was the level … Continue reading

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A pedagogy of learning

My area of expertise is science education and I dabble in learning theory.  I subscribe to a “hot” conceptual change model (Pintrich et al. 1993) in which students conceptual frameworks, developmental levels, motivation, goals, stress, learning dispositions and attribution all … Continue reading

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Philosophy vs. Research

This post is reaction to people constantly saying “it’s research-based” and expecting me and others to blindly follow whatever strategy they are promoting.  Unfortunately, nearly any claim one wants to make can be supported empirically.  Therefore, I believe it is … Continue reading

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