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Should Technology be a Separate Discipline?

This post is based on some work of Thomas Erekson way back in 1992. I assume that Erekson is working in a context in which scholars and educators are trying to figure out if technology should be a part of … Continue reading

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Implications for Learning the Nature of Technology (Part 3)

Beyond the extent to which students’ learned about the NOT, the study investigated ways in which the preservice teachers used NOT in broader context.  Unfortunately, a minority of students included NOT ideas within the broader context of technology literacy at … Continue reading

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Capture the flag

Right now, the TV is on, but my wife and I are each working on our laptops – in the same room, but somewhere else.  I glance at the TV screen during a commercial (they are designed to be more … Continue reading

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Technology literacy: More than just how to use.

I very lively discussion is going on over on Scott McLeod’s blog about teachers’ responsibility to use digital technologies.  I feel this responsibility goes far beyond using technology.  I left the response below: OUR WORLD has changed and will continue … Continue reading

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It’s not just the technology…

I am starting to see a shift in educators’ dialogue around technology.  I see that they are more careful to note that technology is not enough to change education.  An example might be, “It’s not just the technology, I use … Continue reading

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Technology as poor models for schools

This is a quick “aha” post. About a hundred years ago the new technology known as the assembly line revolutionized industry – increasing profits, making production more efficient, increasing productivity, etc.  This technological revolution then found its way into schools … Continue reading

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Great Thinkers of our Time – George Carlin

WARNING:  The video below is explicit and there is significant swearing – so please don’t watch it if you are easily offended or if you are at work.  I decided to post it because George makes some very lucid points worth … Continue reading

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Philosophy vs. Research

This post is reaction to people constantly saying “it’s research-based” and expecting me and others to blindly follow whatever strategy they are promoting.  Unfortunately, nearly any claim one wants to make can be supported empirically.  Therefore, I believe it is … Continue reading

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