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One Way to Improve Your Teaching

Sometimes I am asked what is the most important part of teaching effectively or what is the one thing that I’d recommend for people to try. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the question can be answered. There is no single thing … Continue reading

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What should we flip?

My last post had some criticism of the flipped classroom.  David Cox, Frank Noschese and I were discussing the nuances on twitter and each had an important insight.  David noted that the better flip described in my example lesson is … Continue reading

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Pseudoteaching with Demos

Pseudoteaching was a concept I have understood and been wary of for a long time.  However, only recently was I able to put a name to the phenomena thanks to a conversation I had with Frank Noschese.  This post is … Continue reading

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Why education cannot move forward.

We in education have been stuck in a rut for a very very long time.  We are constantly bombarded with educational fads that hold very little merit.  We fall prey to entrepreneurs out to make a dollar. We are dazzled … Continue reading

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The Stillness of Chaos…

Organized chaos. This phrase is how I often envision my classroom.  Today, we accomplished a lot.  We developed a list of questions to research, introduced the collaborative blog project, discussed classroom management, questioning strategies, motivation, wait time I and wait … Continue reading

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