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Changing the world. 

Looking ahead is hard. I think most of us recognize that our teaching can always be better, but figuring out how to build that future for ourselves and our students is daunting. First, change requires us to be critical of … Continue reading

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Maintaining the Status Quo

Andrew Feenberg’s critical theory of technology posits that technical structures constructed under a previous system, when inherited by a new system will likely result in the re-establishment of the old system.  For example, in a socialist revolution, if the technical … Continue reading

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Assess the teacher, not the students

*Disclaimer: 1) I know this is a touchy subject, I’m only trying to add to the dialogue. 2) I proofread with my son in the room, so was distracted, but wanted to get this “out there”. :) There has obviously … Continue reading

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Reform Your Classroom: Dealing with Curricula

This post is a continuation of series I started a long time ago obviously called, Reform Your Classroom.  One of the biggest roadblocks many teachers run into is the overstuffed curriculum they are required to teach.  Below I describe how … Continue reading

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