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4 Ways to Respond to Students

When I was a preservice teacher, I repeated almost everything my students said whenever I taught. One day, my professor observed me teaching and pointed this repetition out and suggested I not do that. Because I was still overly defensive … Continue reading

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The Limited Nature of Technology (part 2)

Not only is technology limited in its ability to solve deep problems, technology may actually limit both teacher and students in profound ways.   Specifically, technology may limit students thinking and inhibit teachers’ ability to understand student thinking. Technology can effectively … Continue reading

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What is the purpose of educational technology?

I am reading Larry Cuban’s book, Teachers and Machines from 1986.  In the book he calls instructional technology “any device available to teachers for use in instructing students in a more efficient and stimulating manner than the sole use of … Continue reading

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The Stillness of Chaos…

Organized chaos. This phrase is how I often envision my classroom.  Today, we accomplished a lot.  We developed a list of questions to research, introduced the collaborative blog project, discussed classroom management, questioning strategies, motivation, wait time I and wait … Continue reading

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