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Teaching is Design: End User

Once we know the outcomes of our design, we need to consider for whom we design? The best designed products clearly considered the end user in the design process. When a product is designed for the end user, the user … Continue reading

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Introducing Concept Maps

Below is my reply to an email a colleague sent me inquiring about how they might introduce their students to concept mapping.  I thought I would share my brief thoughts for comment and use: I like to use familiar things … Continue reading

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Quick group research project

Below is the assignment my students worked on today during class.  The assignment was as much about working together, using resources, and making sense of their research as it was about learning about the planets.  Feedback is always welcome.  Here … Continue reading

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Relevance is not the holy grail

(disclaimer: this post is me “thinking out loud, so I apologize for any lack of clarity) Yes, relevance is a worthy goal, but it should not be our only goal. What about learning for learning sake? Scientists learn out of … Continue reading

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The subject of educational discourse has seemed to spiral around the “failure” of students. At one time the idea seemed to be a sink or swim mentality – the student either does the work and passes or doesn’t. Now the … Continue reading

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