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One Way to Improve Your Teaching

Sometimes I am asked what is the most important part of teaching effectively or what is the one thing that I’d recommend for people to try. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the question can be answered. There is no single thing … Continue reading

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3 reasons I use technology every time I teach

I recently co-taught a graduate course for inservice teachers. One of the modules I was leading was about educational technology. So, given the limited time (about 4 instructional hours), I had to do some hard thinking about what I wanted … Continue reading

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Should Technology be a Separate Discipline?

This post is based on some work of Thomas Erekson way back in 1992. I assume that Erekson is working in a context in which scholars and educators are trying to figure out if technology should be a part of … Continue reading

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Maintaining the Status Quo

Andrew Feenberg’s critical theory of technology posits that technical structures constructed under a previous system, when inherited by a new system will likely result in the re-establishment of the old system.  For example, in a socialist revolution, if the technical … Continue reading

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Technology Gives and Takes Away

From Dan Meyer: But the very technology that lets Khan Academy assess hundreds of concepts at global scale — random number generators, string splices, and algorithmically generated hints — has downgraded, perhaps unavoidably, what it means to know math. I … Continue reading

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Preservice Teachers as Users and Producers of Technology

Teachers must be aware of available technologies.  In the educational technology course studied, teachers are introduced to many different technologies through both demonstrations and projects in which students identify and research technologies they deem pertinent to their content area.  Specifically, … Continue reading

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Technology Changes School, but how? (part 3)

The notion that technology uses us can be unsettling.  Yet, preservice teachers must be aware that technologies do make some decisions for them.  For example, if we expand our view of technology beyond modern electronics, the daily school schedule is … Continue reading

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