Pursuing Passions Project – Update & Student Views

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My students have been working on a project in which they identify, learn about, and share their learning concerning a topic about which they are passionate.  Today was day four of the project.  I took a few minutes out of student work time to make clear what a passion is.  Many students were still seeing this project as something they do for school.  I told them their topic ought be something they want to spend hours learning about, something they believe will be a part of their future, something they can’t stop thinking about.  After this short speech, several students changed their topic.  I think they are starting to get the point.

During one class, I pulled a few students aside to ask their perceptions.  Below is a quick video I edited together to give you some idea of student reactions to the project so far.  The ideas are insightful, surprising, funny, and encouraging.  Enjoy!

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4 Responses to Pursuing Passions Project – Update & Student Views

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