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Punctuated Equilibrium: Life, scientists, students

I’m not an evolutionary biologist so forgive me if I get this wrong. I believe that some evolutionary biologists either currently or at one time believed that evolution progressed with spurts of activity in which certain events caused a higher … Continue reading

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Implications for Learning the Nature of Technology (Part 1)

The results of this investigation seem to indicate that teaching and learning about the nature of technology (NOT) may be especially difficult.  Given the deeply engrained, ubiquitous, and oftentimes “invisible” nature of technology in our society, coming to understand deep … Continue reading

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Preservice Teachers as Questioners of Technology (part 1)

The educational technology course in this study uses the six nature of technology (NOT) ideas previously discussed to help the teachers become more informed questioners of technology.  As previously noted, the preservice teachers are expected to identify and discuss possible … Continue reading

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More than Standards

So I’m working on a research project in which I compare two groups of students understanding of the “nature of science” (how science works, philosophy of science, etc) (NOS for short). The difference between the two groups was the level … Continue reading

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