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Contextualizing Value-added

Implementation is everything. I’m not philosophically against the notion that we ought to be expecting teachers to “add value” to students’ schooling experience.  However, when we use prescriptive tests to decide how much value is added, I take issue.  For … Continue reading

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What does flipping miss?

First off, the flipped classroom is not so very new, but then again, not much is.  Consider the learning cycle.  This “flips” traditional instruction by starting with student exploration, then going into concept development.  The problem is in implementation.  When … Continue reading

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What should we flip?

My last post had some criticism of the flipped classroom.  David Cox, Frank Noschese and I were discussing the nuances on twitter and each had an important insight.  David noted that the better flip described in my example lesson is … Continue reading

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Are 1:1 tech initiatives the wrong kind of reform?

Short Answer: I believe any reform focused on technology rather than teaching & learning will end in the status quo, but I believe 1:1 initiatives may be uniquely problematic. Whenever I start writing these kinds of posts, I am leery.  … Continue reading

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Why “21st Century Skills” makes me roll my eyes

Some knowledge, skills, attitudes, dispositions, & abilities students will need in the 21st century might include: creativity, collaboration, evaluation, self-assessment, self-reflection, locate & discern information, know how to learn, & (for good measure) be comfortable with contemporary technology. Now, the … Continue reading

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I recently read jaren lanier’s book “you are not a gadget”. Honestly, the book was poorly written, but contained some great ideas & concepts regarding our society’s blind embrace of technology. He is a virtual reality pioneer, programmer, & friend/consultant … Continue reading

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Reform your classroom: Introduction

Let me start by apologizing.  I’m sorry for the arrogance that seemingly permeates this post, I don’t claim to have “the” answers, only “some” answers.  That said, I will argue that I am a very competent teacher.  I got along … Continue reading

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